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The esports scene is maturing quickly. But sometimes not quickly enough to satisfy us. We wanted standings and roster locks. We got them. But now we want more.

Where are the end-of-season awards? One highly-skilled (and also lucky) team is going to walk away with ~$15 million in a couple months. That’s a hell of an award. Do we just forget about the regular season, then? Aden and I say no.

We could wait for Valve to organize this, but who wants to wait? If we let Valve handle it, they might stop supporting it in a few months. Nobody wants that.

Introducing your 2018 All-DPC Teams

All-DPC Team One

  1.  RAMZES666 — Virtus Pro
  2.     Somnus丶M — LGD Gaming
  3. MinD_ContRoL — Team Liquid
  4.  RodjER — Virtus Pro
  5.  ppd — OpTic Gaming

All-DPC Team Two

  1.  Miracle- — Team Liquid
  2.  No[o]ne — Virtus Pro
  3.  Fata — Team Secret
  4.  Fy — LGD Gaming
  5.  KurokY — Team Liquid

All-DPC Team Three

  1. Paparazi灬
  2.  Moon — Mineski
  3.  33 — OpTic Gaming
  4.  Yapzor — Team Secret
  5. Solo — Virtus Pro