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We want to watch entertaining Dota.

We want to watch it several times a year (but probably not 26 times, like this season). We want there to be smaller tournaments to contrast with the bigger tournaments. We want the teams we care about to show up at the events we’re watching. And we want the games to be broadcast at convenient times for us to watch them. What’s so hard about that?

Companies have been trying to design the perfect esports season for the past decade. They haven’t gotten it perfect yet, but they are getting closer. To get better perspective on how to design the perfect season, we welcomed Cousin Alex — a Starcraft and League of Legends fan who also watches some Dota.

Join us for this in-depth conversation including the history of esports, contrasting Dota and LOL, the new DPC season, and the upcoming TI qualifiers.

Also, check out Aden’s first post — What should have been — sharing his vision for the perfect DPC format. Valve, take note!