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TI8 is in the books, and Aden and I have THOUGHTS!

Join us for…

  • Group stage recap and trivia questions
  • In what ways were OG lucky? In what ways were they good?
  • Do we stand by the ‘OG are overrated at 26-1’ call before TI?
  • What happened to Virtus Pro, who were the only tier-1 team to perform significantly below expectations?
  • What happened to VGJ.Storm, who looked tier-1 during the group stage but flamed out in the main event?
  • What were the metagame trends at TI8?
  • Aden and I name our team of the tournament
  • We answer questions from Discord
  • We play ‘stand pat, shuffle, or disband’ with TI8 teams

Aden and Lorton