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We all needed some time off. But sometime in the last two weeks it became officially A LONG TIME since we saw serious Dota. ESL One Hamburg was a good start. Dreamleague was fun in its own way. But now it’s Major time!

Join us as we preview the KL major, playing Guess The Lines. Don’t miss Aden’s incredulous takes on LGD’s betting odds.

And don’t miss SPECIAL GUEST Steven Choi, host of The Offlane podcast:

Also in this episode:

  • Why Aden missed the ESL One Hamburg grand finals (they don’t have wifi in the hospital?)
  • NIP and Forward gaming underperformed at ESL One Hamburg, but they have decent excuses
  • Strategic greed. When is it good to draft greedy? What is the optimal farm distribution? We saw totally different models from two successful teams
  • Special guest appearance from Steven Choi, host of The Offlane podcast  — what is the etiquette for buying Divine Rapier in pubs?
  • What did Tigers do right in their Dreamleague minor win over RNG and Na’Vi?
  • Parallels between Tigers and Team Secret (bearing in mind that 1437 was the long time coach of Team Secret)
  • RNG kicked captain 343 after Dreamleague. Did their performance justify it?
  • Anthony Hodgson’s Medium post that went viral and the unfortunate business practices of some SEA Dota organizations
  • Michael Jordan’s investment in Axiomatic, parent company of Team Liquid
  • VP going back to black and orange jerseys for the major
  • “Guest heroes” in Dota 2?
  • Skemberlu accused of using a racial slur while playing against RNG at Dreamleague

Aden and Lorton