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Anthony ‘Scant’ Hodgson struck a chord with the community when he published a Medium post detailing his last two years working for three organizations in Southeast Asia Dota: Mistreated, unpaid, and dismissed out of hand: Two years with Mineski, GESC and Entity Gaming

  • He was supposed to have an apartment paid for by Mineski. Instead he had a bedroom above the accounting department with no fridge, but plenty of cockroaches.
  • He worked as on-air talent for GESC eight months ago. He still hasn’t gotten paid for that.
  • He was supposed to have a contract with Entity gaming. They cancelled the contract with no notice, and he had to fight for a “courtesy” 15 days’ pay when Entity was contractually obligated to pay 30 days.

Today, we talk about the seedy underbelly of pro Dota.

Join us for a wide-ranging discussion, involving:

  • SEA Dota and why Scant is so invested in the scene
  • Unexpected reactions from the community
  • Progress in the SEA region (not just Dota) since Scant moved there
  • Racism and homophobia in Dota — experiences as an outspoken advocate for a better community
  • Job advice for young people, opportunities for businesses and content creators
  • A silly trivia game!

Aden and Lorton