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If there was a theme of the Kuala Lumpur Major, it was top teams dominating.

In the group stage, all four #1 seeds won their groups (Secret, EG, PSG.LGD, and VP). Of those four, three beat their first round opponents 2-0. EG was the only top seed who lost their opening round match (that was to Ninjas in Pyjamas, who had a TI Champion — Mind_Control — standing in for them).

Join us for KL Major and Patch 7.20 analysis!

In this episode:

  • Aden breaks down VP’s performance like a total homer
  • Lorton breaks down Secret’s performance like a total homer
  • Secret and VP have effectively clinched their TI invites. What about EG and NIP?
  • The KL Major Meta — mids getting farm in the early game to set up their carry’s farm in the midgame
  • Strongest and weakest player-hero combinations at the KL Major
  • Who is the real NIP?
  • Are Fnatic underperforming expectations? (Depends whose expectations.)
  • How much do you read into LGD’s disappointing run down the stretch?
  • Denies no longer give XP. They give gold instead. Does it matter?
  • What happened to the most successful pro heroes of 7.19? (PL, Drow Ranger, Bane, IO, Weaver, Earthshaker)
  • What happened to the least successful pro heroes of 7.19? (Razor, Slardar, Dark Seer, Night Stalker)
  • What regions will get the extra qualifying slots for the Chongqing major?
  • Mineski and Mushi part ways. Whose future is brighter?
  • Recent TI Champion Ana is taking a break from Dota. Where does that leave OG?

Aden and Lorton

PS — Lorton accidentally recorded his gaming headset microphone instead of his good podcasting microphone. We hope the quality content makes up for the lower-fidelity audio.