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A lot has been said about the Kuku story already. That’s because it’s an important moment for Dota.

If you weren’t on Twitter, or can’t remember how this all went down, this is a complete history and analysis.

If you’re sick of the story, skip it and listen to some Dota analysis.

Show notes:

  • Skem and the original ch*** ch*** scandal
  • Kuku and the copycat offense
  • Valve and BurNing exchange emails
  • Chinese gamers review-bomb Dota2
  • Valve’s first statement
  • Rumors of Skem and Kuku being banned from the Chongqing Major
  • TNC punishes Kuku
  • GrandGrant threatens to sit out Chongqing if Kuku is banned. Others follow suit
  • Mass confusion and Valve’s second statement
  • Aden and Lorton comment on Valve’s handling of the scandal
  • NIP and OG miss qualifying for Chongqing
  • J.Storm qualifies over EG and Forward Gaming
  • No Pangolier wins the CIS qualifier over VP
  • Thoughts on the Minor system
  • Game Analysis: OG vs. NIP in the Bucharest Minor qualifiers (Dotabuff) (YouTube)
  • Former PainX  team disqualified from South America qualifiers to Chongqing Major
  • Pain Gaming not a great place to work, as reported by Karan Rathod
  • Favorite hotkeys
  • Super signs with Team Root
  • Kuro is the first player to play all the Dota heroes
  • Newbee shuffle
  • Khezu says Chongqing major EU qualifiers were totally disorganized
  • What do you want out of your casters?

Aden and Lorton