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In this rare interview, we are joined by Dan Offen, host of the Position Six podcast.

If you haven’t seen Dan’s guest list for his first 10 episodes, prepare to be impressed: PPD (he’s a TI Champion), insania, Jack Chen (friend of The Glimpse), Black, Charlie Yang, Blitz, Heen, Synderen, March, CCNC.

Show notes:

  • Dan’s thoughts on Jose Mourinho
  • Why Dan quit standup comedy and started a Dota 2 podcast instead
  • Why Dan interviews Dota 2 personalities about the stuff that happens outside the arena
  • Dan made Mason his enemy for a time (?)
  • Aden thinks Dan’s interview with March revealed J.Storm’s intention to sign Fear to play pos 4
  • How much stake do we put in scrim performance going into a big event (case and point CCNC and March going into Kuala Lumpur)?
  • How Dan thinks about booking guests and why he wouldn’t have started the podcast at all if he hadn’t been able to book premier guests
  • Dan helps The Glimpse take our jokes from zero to almost funny.

Aden and Lorton