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Time for the second minor of the 2019 DPC season! Action starts January 9th.

And it comes with a last-minute substitution. OG kicked Pajkatt and picked up iLTW to replace him. Don’t expect any intelligent predictions on how that’s going to go. We have no idea.

After our Bucharest Minor preview, stick around for a game about the highest-earning esports organizations of 2018.

Show notes:

  • Is The Glimpse too serious?
  • OG kicking Pajkatt right before the minor
  • Reviewing the five contenders (OG, NIP, Keen, EHOME, and Gambit) and what they’ve been up to since qualifiers
  • Debating EU vs. China — who should be favored
  • Why 7.20 doesn’t favor PPD
  • emembering EHOME’s last international LAN (and the ACE scandal that preceded it)
  • Shorter games and lots of semi-cores so far in 7.20
  • Building team defensive items seems to pay off
  • Biggest gainer and loser heroes in Win Rate & Elo shift
  • Listener question: what is the single most useful statistic in predicting if a team is going to win or not, other than net worth, total exp, and kills?
  • Aden ranks the top earning esports organizations of 2018 by what percent of their revenue came from Dota
  • When will the new hero (rumored to be called ‘Mars’) be released?
  • Reacting to Vici Gaming’s win of the Dota Pro League in China
  • TI8 reportedly had over 50 million viewers. Does that mean Dota isn’t dead?
  • OG is traveling to Denmark to be at the True Sight premier?

Aden and Lorton