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Going into the Bucharest Minor, EVERYBODY knew that this was a showdown between Europe and China. OG and NIP were the teams to beat, according to every western analyst. Oops!

Join us for our analysis of the Bucharest Minor and our preview of the Chongqing Major — featuring an old favorite, Guess The Lines.

Show notes:

  • How impressive was it for EHOME to beat this field?
  • How would we describe EHOME’s and Gambit’s playstyles?
  • Naming MVPs of the tournament
  • OG and NIP weren’t competitive. What can we point to?
  • BOOM ID and the worst ‘gg’ call in Dota 2 history
  • ROLE PLAY, featuring xiao8, PPD, Topson, and FNG
  • The Bucharest Minor meta
  • Guess The Lines for the Chongqing major
  • Have you tried Dota Auto Chess?
  • Only four casters and four analysts at the Chongqing Major?
  • NoPangolier reportedly getting picked up by Moscow5
  • Valve reset 17,000 accounts last week for “abusing matchmaking to get into ranked.”

Aden and Lorton