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With a sample size of two majors, it seems we have a formula for winning.

You lose the Upper Bracket Final. You sweep the Lower Bracket final (always against EG). And you come into the Grand Final all warmed up and ready to trot out your pocket strats.

That’s how VP won in Kuala Lumpur and NOW that’s how Secret won in Chongqing.

Join us for our analysis of the Chongqing Major!

Show notes:

  • We gloat about VP and Secret being the top two teams in the world
  • Calling out Kyle for lazy analysis — 9Pasha is NOT the key to VP’s success
  • Not too many upsets this major. Did that make it boring?
  • Yapzor and the support Luna nobody saw coming
  • Miracle had to sit out at the last minute and Shadow filled in. What do we know about Liquid now?
  • Metagame analysis: what is ‘backlaning’?
  • Lorton debuts a new stat: marginal propensity to draft
  • All the remaining DPC events will take place in Europe?
  • Faith_bian on four groups of four: “the competition should be about skill, not luck.”
  • Khezu doesn’t like the seeding of open qualifiers
  • The NCAA president’s hilariously predictable stance on esports
  • 45% of gamers are female, according to a report from the Enterntainment Software Association
  • Three of the six on-air talents for Dreamleague qualifiers are women. This is a big deal, even if it shouldn’t be.
  • Farming Simulator League!
  • Aden’s ideal Dota Auto Chess lineup
  • What Dota spell do you wish you could cast in real life?

Aden and Lorton