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Everything you need to know to appreciate the Starladder ImbaTV Minor in Kiev (March 7-10, 2019).

Show notes:

  • Which tournament did we learn more from — ESL or MDL?
  • Newbee’s coming out party? Followed by kicking two players.
  • The gap between Secret and #2 was bigger than #2 and #12
  • Team Liquid focuses on objectives, as a team
  • OG historically has been a comeback team, so what’s all this fast pace early game play?
  • Gambit accelerating between 10min and 20min
  • 7.21 meta and the math of Midas gaming
  • Starladder Minor preview, including introductions to Old but Gold (from CIS) and Flying Penguins (EternalEnvy’s new team)
  • Aden and Lorton’s mini DPC fantasy draft for the minor
  • Noone and Pasha playing Apex Legends during a draft at MDL
  • Forward Gaming and Jack Chen hinting at roster moves?
  • More Torte de Lini drama
  • Vega Squadron disbands
  • When should you pick Vengeful Spirit?
  • And how did Faith_bian dislocate his shoulder?

Aden and Lorton